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Online Security Device

Online Security Solution(OSS) Secures your internet Family at Home. At the same time, It Protects your Business at Work. That’s how your security companion performs.

Online Security Solution

Mobile App

Mobile Application to Monitor and manage your Network from anywhere. You can discovered who is connected to your network and when.

You get alerts on network Intrusion as it happens

Excellent Dashboard

You can manage One or More Online Security Solution Devices from a single Web Dashboard.

An Intrusion Detection Tool is always on to prevent attacks

Your Kids are safe while surfing the Net and can be put offline with a click of a button


The Online Security Solution Device is physical connected to your Home of Office Network  it Allows you to control every and any devices that is connected to your network. if You do not recognise a device you click kickit out of the Network with a click of a button

Why using oss ?

With the increase number of IoT devices in the world we have more and more devices that are online in our home or Office, most of these devices do not respect the minimum security rules. Online Security Solution allows you to be in control of all of the devices in your network. It helps you identify, manage and control potential threats as they happen.

Improve your security

Quickly gain insight into your network and easily troubleshoot any problem that arises.

Supervise users

Scan networks, discover connected devices, know the users and manage them.

Time to Market

Get a complete solution with all your needs at a fraction of the cost of building an in-house solution from scratch.

OSS Features

Home users

Watch Your Family

Monitor Your Children And Schedule When They Can Connect And What They Can See.

Know Who Is Home

Keep An Eye On Your Family When You Are Present Or Not.

Secure Your Internet

Securing Your Internet Is Securing Your Family From Different Threats

Office users


Keep Your Network Secure, Know The Intruders And Block Them And Scan For Vulnerabilities.


Schedule Your Internet Downtime And Keep About About Your Network Performance.


Analyse Bandwidth Usage, Run Speed Tests And Get Reports About Your ISP Performance.