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Secure IoT Platform

Secure IoT Platform provides visibility into your end devices as well as gateways. Filled with customizable ready to use dashboards and widgets to allow you the customer to build insight into your data. 

A World Class Immune System For Your IoT Infrastructure

Cloud management platform for deployment, provisioning and monitoring of IoT devices and networks.

To protect “Critical IoT infrastructure” IoT data must be 100% secure, 100% tamper proof, IoT device identity must be 100% secure. Failure to protect IoT devices and IoT data leads to attacks and failure of critical infrastructure.Tisalabs secures IoT data, IoT devices, IoT applications

End-to-end Secure Iot platform


Gateway Device with Communication

Tisalabs Gateway Hardware and Software solution can be used on a variety of projects and applications allowing you to collect data from sensors and controller actuators with an ironclad security based on our newly designed H/W security devices making it ideal for environment where  security is important.

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Secure IoT Platform features


Easily custimise Secure IoT Platform to suit your start up take full of your project by creating a custom dashboard.


We are creating a multitude of new security requirements for the Internet of Things (IoT). End-to-end (E2E) security management will be essential to ensuring security and privacy in the IoT.


Add and remotely control sensors microcontrollers and other hardware connected to Secure IoT Platform


We collect much edge data and discuss the potential role of edge analysis for reducing latency and data movement storage and analysis costs. We look at the analytics gateway.


Displays and stores data from devices and sensors providing visibility to behaviour patterns that support improvements on IoT projects.


Most important part in the digital era is to be able to know the status of all of your sensors and devices. With Secure IoT Platform you are always in the know.


Easily integrate your devices that use custom code viewing and controlling them using the same great dashboard support that Secure IoT Platform has for native  devices.


As soon as you connect your first device to your project Secure IoT Platform empowers builders to create automated IoT projects.


Location-based tracking for any connected device. Visualize assets on a map to obtain device location, status, and location history.
With the growing adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), connected devices have penetrated every aspect of our life.
The Tisa-GW device allows you to  collect Data from sensors located on the whole farm spanning over multiple kilometres. The Devices are able to transmit the data to the Tisa-GW gateway using LoRa communication technology making it possible to sense a large number of areas.
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Smart transportation and smart city traffic management are revolutionising how cities approach mobility and emergency response, while reducing congestion on city streets.
The Tisa-GW device offers critical information related to locations, weather analytics, and more. Fleet managers can also track fuel economy and monitor routine expenses like gas and repairs.
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Organizations aim at a better understanding and usage of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data. In general, data generated by IIoT devices can provide companies with deep insights enabling them to build products faster and more effectively.
The Tisa-GW Gateway combined with the cloud management platform was built to server increasing demands from global digitalization of manufacturing in a variety of fields requiring Realtime data to make better decisions thus saving time and many to be more competitive.
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