TisaIoT platform provides visibility into your end-devices as well as gateways. Filled with customisable dashboards and widgets to allow you the customer to build insight into your data. Our AI engine allows you to monitor and alert on security incidents as well as potential device failures. Manage, upgrade and update field devices with one

End-to-end Secure Iot platform

Secure IoT Platform

TisaIoT features

Easily custimise TisaIoT to suit your start up take full of your project by creating a custom dashboard.

We are creating a multitude of new security requirements for the Internet of Things (IoT). End-to-end (E2E) security management will be essential to ensuring security and privacy in the IoT.

Add and remotely control sensors microcontrollers and other hardware connected to TisaIoT.

We collect much edge data and discuss the potential role of edge analysis for reducing latency and data movement storage and analysis costs. We look at the analytics gateway.

Displays and stores data from devices and sensors providing visibility to behavior patterns that support improvements on IoT projects.

Most important part in the digital era is to be able to know the status of all of your sensors and devices. With TisaIoT you are always in the know.

Easily integrate your devices that use custom code viewing and controlling them using the same great dashboard support that TisaIoT has for native  devices.

As soon as you connect your first device to your project TisaIoT empowers builders to create automated IoT projects.

Location-based tracking for any connected device. Visualize assets on a map to obtain device location, status, and location history.


The IT industry needs a comprehensive IoT security and identity management solution that is able to manage and orchestrate the IoT components horizontally (from device to service and service user) and vertically (from hardware to application). At Tisalabs we have the ability to address both security and identity from the IoT device all the way across the complete service life cycle will also be essential.
Our Security enabled solution is not an afterthought, we built security from the ground up, this is the most important factor to make sure your service is always on with no downtime due to lack of security. With Our combined Cloud and edge Gateway devices we monitor, track and update vulnerability as we discover it and block unhealthy, infected devices for affecting the rest of your infrastructure.
customized dashboard


Widgets are used to visualize devices data, status, and actions. Every device, sensor, actuator and Gateway that is added in TisaIoT has one or more widgets associated depending on the hardware capabilities.
Customise the dashboard views as you need, removing and adding widgets as required.


Add and remotely control sensors, actuators, to Gateway devices connect them to TisaIoT and manage them through the devices dashaboard.
Support for multiple Sensors and Gateways as well as a range of ARM based Single Board computer Board, from Arduino Based to Raspeberry Pi as well as bespoke custom boards.
We support multiple connectivity options from Satellite, NB-IoT, GPRS and WiFi/Ethernet.
Device dashboard


Device data captured in real-time enables the execution of triggered events. This allows for seamless device-to-device communication regardless of manufacturer.


You have complete control over how your data is sent to your platform, There are many different paths to bring in your hardware via MQTT. Devices will then send data to the dashboard and display it with custom widgets.


There are many ways to showcase data in TisaIoT. Ready-to-program custom widgets can be used to display collected data in many different ways. Live and historical data can be filtered by minute, hour, day, week, month, year, or a custom date range. This can be used to :
Capture existing point of sales system data to improve retail experience.
Alert on the status of inventory and other supply chain assets in real-time.
Gain actionable insight into complex processes.
Unify disparate data sources to optimize modern utilities.


Analytics Gateway is a new product that meets enterprise needs and enables near-realtime, data-driven decisions at the edge for improved system automation. The intelligent gateway for Internet of Things (IoT) is based on the principle of pushing as much computing to the edge as possible, removing the need to ship massive data to the cloud. Instead, essential data analytics, transformation, and routing occur at the gateway, triggering business rules that automate machine operations as well as back-end processes.


Depending upon the type of device added, there are several location settings available to enable asset tracking. These include devices that are stationary or mobile and connected or wireless sensors. You can visualize current and past locations of devices with the TisaIoT Device Map widget. It provides a map view of location history for a single device or any sensor.


Create alerts and Analyze sensor telemetry, machine health, traces, and metrics in a single pane of glass from multiple sources. Create Alerts to be triggered by events, those alerts will inform you in real-time when Leverage advanced anomaly detection and forecasting features for predictive maintenance of all of your IoT assets Scale up across hundreds or thousands of devices in minutes.

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