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CyberShield - Online Security Platform​

The Online Security Platform is your trusty security sidekick, ensuring a secure online environment for both your home and business. Tailored to meet the demands of remote work, it provides the same level of cybersecurity protection as working from the office, keeping you safe wherever you are.

Mitigating Risk Is straightforward

compromising on cybersecurity could jeopardise the integrity of your business.

Ensure you don't fall prey to such statistics.

websites are attacked everyday around the world


of small and medium sized businesses have no cyber security recovery plan


of cyber attacks target small businesses

Small Business

CyberShield Solution


This powerful device empowers you with complete control over every connected device, ensuring unparalleled security. With a simple click, you can easily identify and manage devices on your network. If an unfamiliar device is detected, take immediate action by removing it from your network effortlessly. CyberShield Solution Device puts the power of network control at your fingertips, providing peace of mind and robust protection against potential threats.

Excellent Dashboard

You can oversee one or more CyberShield Devices effortlessly from a unified Web Dashboard. The vigilant Intrusion Detection Tool is always active to thwart potential attacks. Your online safety is ensured – any intruder can be swiftly disconnected and isolated with a simple click of a button.

Mobile App

Empowering you with a Mobile Application to supervise and manage your network from anywhere. Discover who is connected to your network and when, receiving real-time alerts on network intrusions as they occur. Additionally, the application provides the ability to automatically block intruders, ensuring enhanced security for your network.

Key Features

Control Connections at Home

Manage your home network connections with ease using Cybershield. Control and monitor device access, allowing you to kick out any unrecognised or suspicious devices with a simple click. Enjoy the same level of control and security at home as you would in the office, ensuring a protected and reliable network environment for your entire household.

Identify Connected Devices

Stay in control by knowing who is connected to your home network at all times. Cybershield provides real-time visibility into connected devices, enabling you to monitor and manage your network just like you would in the office. Recognize each device and control access effortlessly, ensuring a secure and well-managed home network environment.

Secure Internet

Ensure the security of your home network with Cybershield's robust cybersecurity feature set. Detect and identify potential intruders promptly, allowing you to take immediate action by blocking unauthorised access. Conduct regular vulnerability scans to proactively address potential weaknesses, fortifying your home network against evolving threats.


Ensure the security of your network with our comprehensive cybersecurity feature set. Detect and identify intruders swiftly, allowing you to take immediate action by blocking unauthorized access. Additionally, perform regular vulnerability scans to proactively address potential weaknesses, fortifying your network against evolving threats.


Schedule your internet downtime strategically, empowering you to manage your network efficiently. Stay informed about your network's performance to ensure optimal functionality and address any issues promptly.


Analyze bandwidth usage to gain insights into your network's data consumption patterns. Run speed tests to assess and enhance your internet speed, ensuring a seamless online experience. Receive detailed reports about your ISP's performance, allowing you to make informed decisions and continually improve network efficiency.

WHY CyberShield?

Enhance Your Security

Cybershield goes beyond traditional security measures, offering a comprehensive solution that includes real-time threat detection, vulnerability assessments, and proactive defense mechanisms. With advanced features such as intrusion detection and regular security audits, you can be confident in the robust protection of your digital assets.

Supervise Users Effectively

Gain a holistic view of user activities with Cybershield's sophisticated monitoring capabilities. Identify potential risks, track user behaviour, and enforce access controls to maintain a secure and compliant environment. The platform empowers administrators with the tools needed to respond promptly to any security incidents.

Accelerate Time to Market

Cybershield not only prioritises security but also understands the importance of efficiency in today's fast-paced business landscape. By automating security processes, optimising workflows, and providing actionable insights, the platform enables your team to focus on innovation, reducing development cycles, and accelerating your time to market.

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Online Security Solutions refer to a set of tools and practices designed to protect digital systems and data from cyber threats, including malware, hackers, and unauthorized access.

Online Security Solutions are crucial to safeguarding sensitive information, ensuring privacy, and maintaining the integrity and availability of digital assets. They help prevent data breaches, financial loss, and reputational damage.

Typical features include firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion detection and prevention systems, encryption, multi-factor authentication, and security patches.

Implementing these solutions can reduce the risk of cyberattacks, enhance customer trust, support regulatory compliance, and protect critical business operations.

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