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Predictive - Vulnerability Assessment

As a security and vulnerability scanning platform, Predictive excels in foreseeing and addressing security threats before they materialise. With our comprehensive cyber training and accreditation program, we empower your team to navigate the intricate landscape of cyber threats with confidence.


TisaCloud - Secure IoT Solution

Our IoT solution ensures secure end-to-end data transfer—from IoT devices and sensors through gateway devices to our IoT cloud infrastructure. By incorporating hardware security keys and robust identity protection, we employ a diverse range of communication technologies, including Satellite, Cellular, and Ethernet, to seamlessly deliver the data to your applications.

TisaGW - Secure Edge Gateway

Introducing TisaGW, where the power of real-time decision-making meets the edge. Our Edge Gateway device, coupled with cutting-edge machine learning capabilities and data collection agent software, transforms the abstract into reality. Empowering you, the customer, to construct bespoke real-time decision flows tailored to the unique needs of your business.

CyberShield - Online Security Platform

The Online Security Platform is your trusty security sidekick, ensuring a secure online environment for both your home and business. Tailored to meet the demands of remote work, it provides the same level of cybersecurity protection as working from the office, keeping you safe wherever you are.

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