Smart Cities​

Smart transportation and smart city traffic management are revolutionizing how cities approach mobility and emergency response, while reducing congestion on city streets. With sensors, advanced communication technologies, automation and high-speed networks.

Civilization has come a long way from riding horses and camels to get from place to place. With the emergence of intelligent transportation systems and the Internet of Things (IoT), the world is entering the next stage of movement — smart transportation.

Monitoring of climate conditions with Tisa-GW:

With Tisa-GW Gateway solution combined with our Tisacloud, cloud platform, Fleet owners can benefit from the integrative capabilities of IoT integration in transportation. Companies that own or operate fleets need to know where their vehicles are and how they are running. IoT devices can offer viable solutions for such needs.
One of the most promising facets of IoT in fleet management is vehicle tracking, Tisa-GW device and software are designed to solve critical challenging with deploying IoT devices at scale and managing their operation and maintaining Fleet information and visibility all the time.

The Tisa-GW device offers critical information related to locations, weather analytics, and more. Fleet managers can also track fuel economy and monitor routine expenses like gas and repairs. The solution offers real-time 24×7 GPS tracking of Containers and equipment, allowing Fleet owners to monitor critical assets information such as temperature deviations and enables cargo re-routing and improving security.

It also helps with real-time 24×7 GPS tracking of containers. It offers automatic notifications to keep cargo owners aware of temperature deviations and enables cargo re-routing and improving security

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