Manage and Protect your assets from Cyber Attacks.

Identify and fix security vulnerabilities before they’re exploited

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About Predictive

Predictive is a security and vulnerability scanning platform that identifies and predicts security threats before they happen. We were founded by a team of security experts who were passionate about developing a better way to protect organizations from cyberattacks.

Key Features

Predictive's robust cybersecurity features provide comprehensive protection

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Comprehensive Vulnerability Management

Predictive covers all aspects of vulnerability management, from detection and assessment to remediation, helping organizations maintain a strong security

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Security Audits and Monitoring

Predictive conducts regular security audits and assessments, coupled with real-time monitoring and alerting, to identify vulnerabilities and respond promptly to security events.

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Vendor Security Assessments

To ensure the overall security of the ecosystem, Predictive performs thorough security assessments on third-party vendors or services integrated into the platform.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

The application employs predictive analytics to forecast potential cybersecurity risks, helping organizations stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

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Leverage Predictive’s capability to deliver a comprehensive and adaptable cybersecurity solution, empowering organizations to safeguard their digital assets, protect sensitive data, and fortify their security posture.