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Free NIS2 Compliance Check

New regulations? We've got your back. Expert guidance for a smooth transition.

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Trusted Solution Provider

Secure your IoT Infrastructure

Secure your systems confidently with Tisalabs—where network transparency meets impenetrable protection for your data and devices. Navigate the IoT landscape with unparalleled ease, avoiding costly and potentially catastrophic cyber threats. Tisalabs empowers you to authenticate every device and defend your data more effectively than ever.

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Trusted Security & Digitalization Partner

Develop & Secure Your Digital Assets

Elevate your digital defenses with cutting-edge security SaaS solutions and bespoke software development. We empower businesses to thrive securely in the digital landscape, forging a path to success through innovation and protection

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Trusted Security & Digitalization Partner

Digital Infrastructure Immune System

To protect “Critical IoT infrastructure” IoT data must be 100% secure, 100% tamper proof and IoT device identity must be 100% secure. Failure to protect IoT devices and IoT data leads to attacks and failure of critical infrastructure.

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Experienced Leadership Team with 50+ Years of Expertise

Driving Industry Transformation

Transforming the future with an experienced team: Team Tisalabs excels in IOT, Cybersecurity, and Communications solutions

At Tisalabs, we are more than a technology research and development company – we are your innovation partners. Specialising in cutting-edge solutions for IoT, Cybersecurity, and Communications, we tailor our versatile offerings to meet the unique demands of diverse industries, including Pharma, Energy, Manufacturing, Farming, Agriculture, Marine, and Telecommunication. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, we're here to drive your success through innovative technology solutions.

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Our Solution Offerings

Our Industries Solutions

Smart farming with agriculture IoT

Smart Agriculture & Forestry

IoT empowers farmers and foresters to monitor crop health, optimise resource usage, and make informed decisions for sustainable practices. This technological evolution not only enhances productivity but also plays a crucial role in fostering environmentally conscious and resilient ecosystems. By embracing IoT in agriculture and forestry, we cultivate a future where precision, sustainability, and innovation converge to address the distinctive challenges of these vital sectors.

Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

In smart manufacturing, IoT is transforming traditional processes into intelligent, data-driven operations. Through interconnected devices and advanced analytics, IoT enables real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and streamlined production workflows. Industries embracing smart manufacturing through IoT technologies are not just adapting to change but also contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.
Smart City

Smart Cities & Smart Transportation

IoT is transforming cities and transportation into smart, efficient ecosystems. Through seamless connectivity and data utilisation, IoT optimises resource allocation, enhances public services, and fosters sustainability. From intelligent traffic management to real-time monitoring, IoT is shaping a connected and people-centric urban future.

IoT and CyberSecurity Products & Services

Solutions designed with Cyber security from the ground up. No vulnerability will go undetected!

Tailored Solutions for Your Success

Tisalabs delivers specialized IoT, Cybersecurity, and Communications solutions for industries like Pharmaceutical, Energy, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Marine, and Telecommunications. Our unique blend of intensive R&D and customer-focused innovation redefines industry standards. By closely collaborating with clients, we ensure tailored, effective solutions for specific industry challenges. Book a consultation today to transform your challenges into opportunities.


Secure IoT Solution

Our IoT solution ensures secure end-to-end data transfer—from IoT devices and sensors through gateway devices to our IoT cloud infrastructure. By incorporating hardware security keys and robust identity protection, we employ a diverse range of communication technologies, including Satellite, Cellular, and Ethernet, to seamlessly deliver the data to your applications.

Secure Edge Gateway

Introducing TisaGW, where the power of real-time decision-making meets the edge. Our Edge Gateway device, coupled with cutting-edge machine learning capabilities and data collection agent software, transforms the abstract into reality. Empowering you, the customer, to construct bespoke real-time decision flows tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Vulnerability Assessment

As a security and vulnerability scanning platform, Predictive excels in foreseeing and addressing security threats before they materialise. With our comprehensive cyber training and accreditation program, we empower your team to navigate the intricate landscape of cyber threats with confidence.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Satellite Security with Tisalabs CEO Mo Hassine and the European Space Agency

Tisalabs Innovation Ecosystem

Collaborations and Strategic Partnerships

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