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Secure IoT management

Secure IoT Platform is designed for time to market projects allowing customers to focus on their technology while we provide them with flexible and Tamper proof tools and services to bring their digital project to life. With a range of application use cases to choose from, the Tisacloud solution allows you to prototype and build fully functional IoT digitization projects with a few clicks.

Products & Services

Secure IoT Platform provides visibility into your end-devices and gateways. Filled with customisable dashboards and widgets to allow you the customer to build insight into your data. Our AI engine allows you to monitor and alert on security incidents as well as potential device failures. Manage, upgrade and update field devices with one click making it the number one choice for your IoT digitalization journey..
Online Security Solution (OSS) is a network scanner app that makes you discover all connected devices, run internet speed tests, help troubleshoot network and device issues and detect network intruders. Online Security Solution provides a clear User Experience in your apps and router interfaces to show understandable device information to your customers – by type, brand and model, not only IP or MAC number
The TisaGateway Hardware and Software gateway device provides flexibility and end-to-end security with a range of plug and play communication protocols from Cellular 4G/3G/2G to Satellite communications all in one. Packed with customisation features that makes it ideal for a variety of IoT projects.

Use cases

With the growing adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), connected devices have penetrated every aspect of our life.
The Tisa-GW device allows you to  collect Data from sensors located on the whole farm spanning over multiple kilometres. The Devices are able to transmit the data to the Tisa-GW gateway using LoRa communication technology making it possible to sense a large number of areas.
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Smart transportation and smart city traffic management are revolutionising how cities approach mobility and emergency response, while reducing congestion on city streets.
The Tisa-GW device offers critical information related to locations, weather analytics, and more. Fleet managers can also track fuel economy and monitor routine expenses like gas and repairs.
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Organizations aim at a better understanding and usage of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data. In general, data generated by IIoT devices can provide companies with deep insights enabling them to build products faster and more effectively.
The Tisa-GW Gateway combined with the cloud management platform was built to server increasing demands from global digitalization of manufacturing in a variety of fields requiring Realtime data to make better decisions thus saving time and many to be more competitive.
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